Update Regarding COVID-19 Situation

                                            updated: August 1, 2020

Dear all,


Waheguruji Ka Khlasa, Waheguruji Ki Fateh,


As you all must be receiving important health messages regarding COVID-19, we are now gradually reopening Gurudwara following provincial guidelines. We will be holding Gurudwara services starting August 2, 2020 and sangat will be able to sit for paath/meditation. It will be normal Sunday service including Sukhmani sahib Paath, Kirtan, but langar will be pre-packed. Only 30 people will be able to sit inside darbar hall for next few weeks. We will keep you posted as the numbers to sit inside will increase. Face mask and social distancing measure still continues. We recommend that sangat >65 years of age to defer coming to Gurudwara for some more time.


We wish you all a healthy time during this COVID-19 situation. We are monitoring the rapidly changing health directives and will keep you updated regularly.

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